• SonicMinions99

    Hello there. This is SonicMinions99 back again with something interesting. If any of you have at least heard of the Muppet-Vision 3D attraction at Disney, you'll know where this is going. Just imagine that, but not only with Geo Team characters, but also a full-length play/movie. The idea is that I can impress my friend (crush) Maddy by saying that I have the movie from the year 2017 when it's really being made in this present time. The way this movie works is that I interact with Geo Guy, Green Bob & the others while they're inside the screen and I'm not, but I can then "enter the movie" via Maddy's closet. Anyway, here's the plot:

    The play starts out with me telling Maddy (who has no idea that I'm onto something) that I've got a movie fro…

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