The following is a transcript of the 150th episode of The Geo Team, This is Your Own Way to Halloween Town

Act 1: IntroEdit

(Shows 2000 The Greeny Channel warning screen)

Announcer: Warning! The following program is rated TV-PG-LV and it contains some horror and frightening sequences, extremely visible crude humor and coarse language. Most of the sequences are inappropriate for under the age of 12. Viewer descretion is advised!


(Fades to Jack-O-Lantern)

(Lighting occurs and the ghost appears, and Geo Guy screams loudly and cuts out to black and with heavy distortion and thunderstorm flashes)

(Fades to a tombstone and a tree zooms out to come out to see Geo Guy in the bushes and heavy rain)

Text: This is Your Own Way to Halloween Town

Text: Supervising Writer ADAM KATZ

Text: Written by GEO G. and TERRY WARD


Text: Directed by TAYLOR GRODIN and RICH MOORE

(Fades to black)

(The spotlight turns on)

(Geo Guy appears walking on the black background to the center where the spotlight was)

Geo Guy: (clearing his throat) Ahem! (looks at the camera) Hello viewers, welcome to our first Halloween episode of The Geo Team. My name is Geo Guy, the king of 123 Geo's World, and i'm going to tell you a story when me and my team went to Halloween Town. But, if your age is under 12, do not watch the rest of the episode, or else your eyes will melt into water. Anyways, enjoy the show.

(Fades to black)

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