The Gree Team is a group of evil people founded by the evil Gree Guy.


Gree Guy: We're The Gree Team.

Pingux2012: We make the best crime schemes.

CookieEater2: We're going to destroy The Geo Team.

Memy9909: And gonna kill them all!

Gree Guy: Gree Guy!

Pingux: Pingux!

CookieEater: Cookie Eater!

Memy: Memy, the cool one!

Bryan Guy, Keithy Guy, Elias, Warren and Sack99Swell: And Bryan Guy, Keithy Guy, Elias, Warren and Sack99Swell!


  • Gree Guy
  • Pingux2012
  • CookieEater2
  • Memy9909
  • Bryan Guy
  • Keithy Guy
  • Elias Pickney
  • Warren Cook 
  • Sack99Swell
  • Luke Gartrell

Former membersEdit

  • Victor Wexlar (aka Lord Vexar)
  • Evil Flower
  • BatteryMill
  • Lord Hater (from Wander over Yonder)

Trivia Edit

  • In "Meet The Geo Team" (The series finale of "Greeny Phatom Tales") and the upcoming spinoff, "Geo vs Gree: Unleashed", Gree Guy says he founded The Gree Team after being fired from the villain role in Greeny Phatom Tales for "helping" Marisa Kirisame. His former workers soon joined, along with everyone else.