"The Geo Team and The Gree Team"
The Gree Team introduce themselves.
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Episode Number: 3
Original Airdate: July 28, 1991
Production Code: 1GTE03
Guest Characters: Liz Conner
Written by: Geo G.
Matt Groening
Directed by: David Silverman
Terry Ward (supervising)
Storyboard by: Geo G.
Episode guide
Geo Guy's First Craze Toy
Homer Time

"The Geo Team and The Gree Team" is the third episode of Season 1, and the third episode of The Geo Team.


While Geo Guy is the leader of the Geo Team, that has his friends that are the team members, Gree Guy decided to create his own evil team, which were the opposites and ripped-off people of the Geo Team, the Gree Team. Geo Guy and The Geo Team really need to stop them once and for all.

Behind the LaughterEdit


Coming soon!


Coming soon!


See The Geo Team and The Gree Team/Trivia.

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