The Geo Team Save Christmas (also titled How the Geo Team Saved Christmas in TV guides) is the second Christmas special of The Geo Team.


gree guy is threatening to steal christmas , So it's up to the geo team to save christmas.


the geo team are going carolling door to door when the narrator ( John Lithgow) starts with a monologue

"everyone down in geoville liked christmas a lot , but gree guy , who lived in a hotel, did NOT!"

gree guy has a hatred for the holidays, so he plots to steal christmas.

" then he got an idea. an awful idea . gree guy got a wonderful , awful idea!

- narrator

the geo team get the alert and geo guy looks for his handy dandy notebook

the first house gree guy invades is dr. beanson's house , but he drops his santa hat.


- gree guy

the geo team go into the house and find the hat , so geo guy grabs his notebook

" first we'll draw a rectangle for the bottom , then a crescent like shape for the top and finally a circle for the pom pom .

there, we have a santa hat"

- geo guy

then gree guy invades other houses in geoville , and leaves behind a sack. then geo guy grabs his notebook.

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