The following is a transcript for the upcoming 2016 hand-drawn and computer-animated 3D sequel to The Geo Team Movie 2, The Geo Team Movie 3.

Part 1: OpeningEdit

(Shows The Geo Team at a movie theater)

Stuart the Minion: Say, Geo Guy, what are we watching this time?

Geo Guy: I'm glad you asked, Stuart. We're just about to watch the sequel of the sequel of our first full-length adventure, The Geo Team Movie 3!

Stuart: Woah! I never knew we even had a third film.

Geo Guy: I know I said this before, but you're about to now. Let's watch!

(The curtains open to reveal a "Feature Presentation" card on the screen.)

Feature Presentation Announcer: And now, Geo Cinema is pleased to bring you... our feature presentation.

(The "Feature Presentation" card fades to black and the camera zooms into the screen.)

(Shows Universal Pictures logo)

(Shows 2BIG3K logo)

(Shows C.E. Animation Studios logo)

(Shows a blue sky backround with white clouds)



Text: in association with 2BIG3K ANIMATION

(Shows The Geo Team Movie logo emerge from behind the clouds)

Chorus: The Geo Team Movie...

(Pinkie Pie flies across the screen from right to left, dragging a large "3".)

Pinkie Pie: 3! On the big screen...

More coming soon!

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