The following is a transcript for the unaired pilot to The Geo Team (TV series).

Act 1Edit

(Shows parody of For Your Eyes Only gunbarrel with Geo Guy in it, when suddenly the music and gunbarrel stops)

Geo Guy: The name's Guy... Geo Guy.

(Geo Guy shoots the gunbarrel and the music replays, then iris into a sky background with the end of The Simpsons 1989-1990 theme tune)

Text: THE GREENY CHANNEL presents...

("The Geo Team" logo zooms in and stays for 3 seconds until it zooms in on the "O" and shows the Geo Team's house.)


Text: animation directed and produced by ARLENE KLASKY and GABOR CSUPO

Text: music by JOHN WILLIAMS

(Pans to the window of the front room)

(Fades to Geo Guy and Green Bob in the front room)

Text: created and produced by GEO G.

Text: written and directed by TERRY WARD

More coming soon!

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