The following is a transcript of the 130th episode of The Geo Team, Read 'Em and Keep.

Act 1: Road to the Wacky PackEdit


(Fades to the book)

(The book opens to a page with the title "READ 'EM and KEEP")

(Fades to the title card artwork of Geo Guy reading a Wacky Pack comic book)


Text: Storyboarded by ALAN SMART and JAKE SHARRAT

Text: Main Director TODD HOLLAND

Text: Supervising Director TERRY WARD

Text: Sequence Directors RICH MOORE, ALAN SMART, and WES ARCHER

(Fades to black)

(Fades to the outside of the Geo Team House)

(Cuts to Geo Guy reading the Wacky Pack comic book in the Geo Team living room)

Geo Guy: Woah! I just read the November 2000 issue of the Wacky Pack.

(Green Bob sits next to Geo Guy, reading a Wacky Pack comic book)

Green Bob: Hey, Geo Guy.

Geo Guy: Hey, Green Bob.

Green Bob: What are you reading?

Geo Guy: I'm reading a Wacky Pack comic book.

Green Bob: Okay. I'll be in my room.

(Green Bob walked to his bedroom in the Geo Team base)

(Cuts to Geo Guy and Green Bob in Green Bob's room a few seconds later)

Geo Guy: Do you know the names of the Wacky Pack?

Green Bob: Roge, Leno, and Cole.

Geo Guy: Yes, you are right!

More coming soon!

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