The following is a transcript for the pilot episode of Super Inflation-force.

Act 1Edit

(Fades to The Greeny Adult Channel warning screen)

Narrator: Warning! The following program is rated TV-MA-LSV and may contain coarse language, sexual situations, and violence. Some of the sequences are inappropriate for children under the age of 17. Viewer discretion is advised.

(Fades to black)

(Fades to outer space as the Star Trek theme tune starts playing)

Narrator: Space... The final frontier.

(There's silence for a short period of time.)

Narrator: No, seriously! It's all just stars and supernovas around here... but at the same time, what a view! Of... utter blackness. But enough of that, let's just go to, um...

(The camera pans to the solar system.)

Narrator: Ah! Our beautiful solar system. Seriously, just look at THAT! (camera pans to different planets of the solar system) We have the Sun, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, our preserver of life, Earth! And...

(The camera pans to the asteroid belt.)

Narrator: Oh, yeah, that too.

(A blood red light glows behind the asteroids.)

Narrator: What the- What's that glowing blood red light behind that asteroid? Could it be a planet of some sort? Oh, my God, let's find out!

(The camera zooms through the asteroids.)

Narrator: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

(The camera stops at a blood planet known as Planet Bloodtropolis.)

Narrator: Ah! Planet Bloodtropolis, (the camera zooms in on Planet Bloodtropolis) home of the talking, shape-shifting blood humanoids known as Blood People.

(The camera pans down to a big house.)

More coming soon!

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