The following is a transcript for the Season 24 episode of The Geo Team, "New Team Members".

Act 1Edit

(The Geo Team Season 24 intro)

(Shows title card with artwork of silhouettes of Blossom, Elsa the Snow Queen, Hatsune Miku, Red Puckett and Norman Babcock)



TEXT: Storyboard by GEO G. and TAYLOR GRODIN


(Fades to black)

(Fades into The Geo Team fighting Warren Cook)

Warren Cook: (angry) You can't fight me, you morons!

(Geo Guy punches Warren Cook on the throat)

Geo Guy: (angry) That's what you get for making fake VHS openings for YouTube.

Warren Cook: (in Taylor Grodin's American accent) Oh, my God! You've punched my throat and changed my voice.

(Warren Cook started to cry, as Geo Guy tells him to go home)

Geo Guy: Go home, you hoser!

(Warren runs away, crying)

Warren Cook: (crying) MOMMY!

Green Bob: (talks to Geo Guy) I thought that person is dead, but he regenerated himself back to his old normal self.

Geo Guy: I know, Green Bob. Hmmmm, we need more team members.

Green Bob: Yes.

(Cuts to Geo Guy putting up an application stand)

Alsen: I wanna join this group because Jan's in it. (puts his application into an application box)

(Alsen leaves and Stuart comes)

Geo Guy: Oh, hi, Stuart. Sign up for the Geo Team.

(20 minutes later)

(The application box has been filled up)

Green Bob: Okay. How were the applications?

Geo Guy: Most were decent, some were good and very few of the applications... I don't want to talk about those.

Green Bob: What about those?

Geo Guy: Those applications were bad. Negatively, horribly, bad.

Green Bob: Okay. How many applications will you accept?

Geo Guy: I have to accept seven good applications... that includes the application from Elsa.

Act 2Edit

(Fades to Geo Guy telling results the next day in the meeting room of the Geo Team base with the people who sent applications the day before)

Geo Guy: (reading the applications) The accepted members are Stuart, Elsa, Norman, Ico, Blossom, Hatsune Miku, and Red Puckett. (normal) They'll be the new members from tomorrow.

Stuart: (speaking in Minionese) Yipee!

Dave: (speaking in Minionese) Lam pin, Fouwet. Lam pin.

(A hour later, Geo Guy updates the Geo Team website in the computer room)

Green Bob: That's great!

Geo Guy: Let's tell the founding Geo Team members.

Green Bob: And your mom, and your dad, and your sister, Geo Girl.

Geo Guy: Yeah, that too.

(Cuts to The Gree Team hiding in a stolen car)

Memy9909: (getting inside) Gree Guy...

Gree Guy: Yes.

Memy9909: Did you hear about the Geo Team getting seven more members? There's no way we're going to win!

Gree Guy: Yes. I think there is a way we're going to win. Let's recruit people! (drives the car badly)

(The scene turns into a Mario Kart-esque scene)

Gree Guy: Heck yeah! I love this rid--

(A police officer comes to him and gives a parking ticket)

Police officer: Due to your bad driving, you get a ticket.

Gree Guy: A ticket? Like a movie ticket?

Police officer: Are you really that stupid? No wonder why you can't drive without your driver's license.

Gree Guy: Truck off, officer!

Police officer: What did you just say?

Gree Guy: Truck off!

Police officer: That's it! You're under arrest!

Gree Guy: You can't arrest me! I'm too cool to be arrested! (gets his hypnotize spray) You would forget about arresting me!

Police officer: Hypnotize spray? Those are banned in the Geoville metropolitan area.

(The police officer gets sprayed)

Police officer: You can go scot-free.


(The stolen car is driven)

Elias: Good job, Gree Guy.

Act 3Edit

(Cuts to Geo Guy talking to Elsa in the fun room of the Geo Team base)

Geo Guy: Hey, Elsa. Are you the one who sang Let It Go from Disney's Frozen?

Elsa: Yes.

Geo Guy: Are you Anna's eldest sister?

Elsa: Yes.

Geo Guy: Are you the queen of Arendelle?

Elsa: Yes.

Geo Guy: Are you from the Disney movie, Frozen?

Elsa: Yes.

Geo Guy: Are you from (shows Elsa the map of Norway, Scandinavia, Europe) Arendelle, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe?

Elsa: Yes.

Geo Guy: So what are you doing in Geoville?

(Green Bob comes in)

Green Bob: Hello, Geo Guy. One of a kind junior here. (looks at Elsa; surprised) Isn't that the person from Frozen?

Geo Guy: Yes. The actual one.

Green Bob: Cool. (leaves the room)

Geo Guy: (talking to Elsa) Where was I?

Elsa: You were talking about what am I doing in Geoville?

Geo Guy: Oh, so what are you doing in Geoville?

Elsa: I heard your team is one of the best teams in the world, so I came here to join your team.

Geo Guy: Well, you've come to the right place. Welcome to our team.

More coming soon!