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MePhone6 was a former brother and a former friend of MePhone4, and a minor character of The Geo Team. He's also a friend of Geo Guy. He first appeared in Flippin' Pizza as a background character, then appeared in Ground Bomb. Currently, he betrayed MePhone4 from becoming his brother. So, MePhone4 broke up with him, and MePhone6 didn't return to Geoville again. He became friends with Steve Cobs, the creator of the Meeple products, and the founder of Meeple Corporation. Fortunately, he became the guard of the Meeple store and the Meeple headquarters. He also appears in Inanimate Insanity Season 2 who becomes a minor antagonist of the show. There is a banner in the Meeple store that says "Bendier than ever. But it really shouldn't bend." He is the first Meeple product that was bendable, second being MePhone6 Plus.