Homer and Dick's Guide to Cool Things
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Film information

Directed by

Geo G.

Produced by

Geo G.
C. Elbourn

Written by

Terry Ward
Geo G.

Music by

Heitor Pereira


2BIG3k Animation
Glass Ball Productions
C.E. Animation Studios (uncredited)

Distributed by

Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Release Date(s)

April 13, 2013 (2013-04-13) (Home video release)

April 20, 2013 (2013-04-20) (TV premiere)

Running time

7 minutes

Preceded by

Geo Guy Done It

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Homer and Dick's Guide to Cool Things is The Geo Team's second animated short film which is directed, produced, and written by Geo G., with C. Elbourn and Terry Ward. This short film was released with the sequel of the 2001 hit film, The Geo Team Movie 2 on home video.


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During the production of The Geo Team Movie 2Geo G. and Terry Ward wrote the script for a direct-to-video short film coming for The Geo Team Movie 2 video release. Geo G. direct the film, as he started the production of the short film. Caleb Elbourn designed the production of the film and produce it. When the short film went into production, Geo G. creates storyboards while C. Elbourn re-designed characters, props and locations.


Voice casting began on December 22, 2012. Geo G. was in charge of doing voice recording and casting. Geo G. and the rest of the voice actors from the animated TV series The Geo Team reprised their roles as Geo Guy and his team.


Animation began in January 1, 2013. The production of animation was directed by C. Elbourn and supervised by James Baxter and Frans Vischer. Geo G. animates the characters from The Geo Team. The sequences are animated at C.E. Animation Studios in Keene, New Hampshire and Film Roman in Burbank, California.

Post ProductionEdit

Post production began in January 20, 2013, where it's supervised by C. Elbourn. The sound effects are created by Gary Rydstrom at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California. The music was conducted and composed by Heitor Pereira. The titles were created by C. Elbourn before the release on home video.


The short film was completed and was released to the public on home video with The Geo Team Movie 2. It was also released on television worldwide in April 20, 2013, starting only on The Greeny Channel in the United States, and continuing on with The Greeny Channel Rainbow Satelite broadcasting worldwide.