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The following is a transcript for the upcoming 2018 American animated/live action comedy/adventure film, GoAnimate The Movie 3: New Adventure At New York!.

Part 1: OpeningEdit

(Shows 20th Century Fox logo)

(Shows TSG Entertainment logo)

(Shows GoAnimate Studios logo)

(Shows C.E. Animation Studios logo)

(Shows Blue Sky Studios logo)

(Five Armies by Kevin MacLeod plays as we fade to a rainy backround.)

Text: 2018

(The camera pans through the road and fades out. We then fade in on a wide shot of jail in Los Angeles, California. We zoom in to see New Villain appear out of nowhere.)

New Villain: (laughs evilly) It's time for me to break out these people.

(New Villain turns on her phone to show the names of the villains.)

New Villain: Epic Keebler, Rentro, Warren Cook, Zara Dawson, Caillou Taller, Noddy Smith, Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, Austin, Andy Panda, Banjo Wyvern, and the U.S. Class. Now it's time to sneak through security and break into the cells. (laughs evilly)

(Fades to a security man blocking the door as we pan out to show New Villain appearing through the entrance and walking towards security)

Security man: Hold it! You're not allowed to go past here.

New Villain: Well, I bought something for you. Just look backwards.

Security man: (looks backwards) Okay, I'm looking backwards, now what's the suprise?

(New Villain gives the security man a wedgie.)

Security man: Ouch! (falls over) I'm okay.

New Villain: Now to break those people out! (laughs evilly and runs to the cell)

(Fades to Epic Keebler in his cell)

Epic Keepler: (sighs) I've been in here for years. It's not like someone is going to sneak into here to break me and the others out.

(Pans out to show New Villain appearing out of nowhere)

New Villain: I have came here to break you and the others out, we are escaping out to the Big Apple. (laughs evilly)

Epic Keebler: (scheming) So you disabled the cell?

New Villain: Yes I did. Go ahead and break the others out.

(New Villain disappears.)

Epic Keebler: Thank you, New Villain.

(Fades to outside the cell where a police officer is running towards the villains)

Police officer: What the heck?! Those bad guys escaped? (roars)

(Fades to Epic Keebler's car driving on a map before coming across a stop sign)

Epic Keebler: Crap! We're not allowed to cross here. We're bad guys so we'll do it anyway.

(New Villain laughs evilly as Epic Keebler and his team drive out of the frame. We then zoom in to the grey sky and stays idle for a few seconds before fading to a sunny sky.)

More coming soon!