The following is a transcript for the upcoming 2017 American animated comedy/science fiction/fantasy film, GoAnimate The Movie 2: Eric Out Of The Animation.

Part 1: OpeningEdit

(We see the 1953 20th Century Fox logo with fanfare and with the 4:3 ratio. Then, Cayby pops up during the logo when the music decendly slows down and then freezes, and Cayby is confused that he is in the wrong movie.)

Cayby: Hey! What's this? One of PC Guy's tricks?? Seems to me that I'm in the wrong movie. Could we just skip to the good stuff, please?

(The logo strip bumps, rips and smashes to black.)

Cayby: (V.O.) Thank you.

(Fades to the ocean water. The camera swiftly goes over it, including the C.E. Animation Studios logo popping out of the water, then going back in.)

More coming soon!

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