GoAnimate Studios (formerly Go!Animate Pictures) is an animation studio owned by It was founded by Alvin Hung and C. Elbourn a.k.a. Cayby J (who later founded C.E. Animation Studios). It's most financially succesful film to this date is The Go!Animate Adventure (1998). The company has also produced the Tigrus879 GoAnimate movies, Coulden Pettit's Erika Adventures series, AMSalley94 The Movie, GoAnimate Adventures, The GoAnimate Show, and the Comedy World TV series.


Feature filmsEdit

Upcoming filmsEdit

Short filmsEdit

  • Stickguy Goes Nuts (2006) (shown before GoAnimate The Movie.)

Television showsEdit

Life Of Eric / The Go!Mez Family CTP (1999-2003)

Eric Gets Grounded ([tel:2003-2005;2014 2003-2005;2014])

Go! Go! Go! / Go!Animate Heroes CTP (2004-2006;(Reloaded)2011-present)

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