• This will be the fourth Geoshea film, after Geoshea Theft Auto 2, Geoshea World: The Movie and Geoshea Theft Auto.
  • Like the first two films, there are characters that never appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Geoshea Edition:
    • Norman Babcock (Normanator)
    • The Advisor (Buzzy)
    • Gru
    • The Minions (not counting the one-eyed minions with combed hair)
    • Red Puckett
    • Bloo
    • Coraline Jones
    • Victor Van Dort
    • Victoria Everglot
    • Unnamed villain
    • Caesar
    • Koba
    • Buddy
    • Maurice
    • Rocket
    • Grey
    • Stone
    • Abe
    • Some apes such as chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas
    • Some unnamed characters
  • The storyline for the film is based off the 2011 Pixar film Cars 2, similar to the second film.
  • Arc Productions, Huhu Studios, and Illumination Mac Guff will return to animate the CGI animation for the film. Some of the visual effects and motion-capture computer animation will be made by Animal Logic.
  • The animation will be created by four computer-animated companies, just like the second Geoshea Theft Auto film.
  • This will be the second 2BIG3k film to use some characters from other media, after The Geo Team Movie 2.
  • This will also be the third 2BIG3k film to be composed by Michael Giacchino after Geoshea Theft Auto 2 and Ico.
  • In this film, the models of Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot was used for Corpse Bride, while the models of Caesar, Koba, Maurice, Rocket, Grey, Stone and other apes was also used for Rise of the Planet of the Apes and its sequel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.
    • Abe, a gorilla, will be actually modeled after Luca, another gorilla from Dawn.
  • The third film was first hinted after the end credits for the second film, where the sounds of Norman, who was breathing heavy, can be heard.
  • Carl, Sweet, Kendl, and Cesar from the first two films may return in the third film, but had not decided yet.
  • The peds from the first two films will return after they locked up the police clones in jail.
  • This will be the second 2BIG3k film to be released in 2016, after The Geo Team Movie 3 and before Ropz.
  • It is unknown if Taylor Grodin will reprise the role as OJ or he would be playing a role as a new character.
  • The police clones might return in the third film, despite that they have been locked in a cell by the peds in the second film.
  • Although Koba was killed in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, he seems to be alive in this film, along with Stone.

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