The following is a transcript of the 13th episode from the 20th season of The Geo Team, Geo Guy's Office.

Act 1Edit


(Shows the title card on a background of FOX terminating Dave's YouTube account)

Text: Geo Guy's Office

Text: Written by ADAM KATZ and TAYLOR GRODIN

Text: Storyboarded by JAKE SHARRAT and TAYLOR GRODIN

Text: Directed by GEO G. and TERRY WARD

(Fades to Google search)

(Cuts to a computer screen which shows FOX terminating Dave the Minion's YouTube account)

Geo Guy: Hey! Fox terminating Dave the Minion's YouTube account. Now log on to geosworld2011!

(Dave the Minion logs on to geosworld2011)

Geo Guy: That's better. (desperate) Why could FOX terminate Dave the Minion's YouTube account? Maybe because of copyright infringement.

More coming soon!

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