This is a transcript for the upcoming episode of The Geo Team, Five Nights at Hotel OJ.

Part 1: Opening Edit


(Shows title card with distorted OJ)



Text: storyboarded by TAYLOR GRODIN and GABRIEL GARCIA

Text: inspired from the game series FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S created by SCOTT CAWTHON

Text: produced and directed by GABRIEL GARCIA and ROBERT MIKE SLAVE

(Fades to black)

(Shows Geo Guy sleeping at Hotel OJ)

Geo Guy: (wakes up) Huh? (happy) YAY! I'm at Hotel OJ!

(Geo Guy sees a robot clone of OJ through the window)

Geo Guy: Oh. It's OJ! Let's let him in.

(Geo Guy does so, and gets jumpscared by an OJ robot clone)

Geo Guy: WHAT THE-- (slaps himself and gets calm) Calm down, Geo Guy. Everything will be fine. Get it? Very fine.

(The phone beeps for 2 seconds and a message from the phone plays)

Phone Guy: Hello?

(Geo Guy goes to the phone and answered it)

Geo Guy: (on the phone) Hello. Who is this?

OJ: (on the phone) Who am I? Oh, my name is Orange Juice. I'm the real owner of this hotel, but you can call me OJ.

Geo Guy: (on the phone) Hey! I saw a evil robotic replica of you, except that it has red eyes and knife claws on its hands.

OJ: (on the phone) You did?

Geo Guy: (on the phone) Yeah! Can you please destroy it?

OJ: (on the phone) I'll be right there.

(Geo Guy hangs up the phone and OJ runs to the lobby with a huge hammer)

Evil OJ Robot Clone: (shocked) No! Please don't destroy me!

(OJ smashes an evil OJ robot clone with a hammer)

OJ: Thanks for letting me know, Geo Guy. (walks to his office) Now if you excuse me, i'm going back to do some paperwork in my office.

Geo Guy: Wait, OJ!

(OJ stops walking to his office, and then faces Geo Guy)

OJ: Is there something you would like to say?

Geo Guy: Well, yes. I don't know who made an evil robotic clone of you. Maybe it's The Gree Team who did it.

More coming soon...

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