DiegoAmateur Productions
Founded 2014
Founder(s) Diego Leiva
Headquarters Santago, Chile
Key people Diego Leiva

DiegoAmateur is the Production Company of Diego leiva. It's Productions Include The Cartoonish Chronicles of Conroy Cat and The Brian Dustin Show


Television ShowsEdit

Title Creator(s) First Aired Last Aired Co-Produced By Notes
The Brian Dustin Show Diego Leiva
Seth Macfarlane
JG Quintel
2015 TBA Fuzzy Door Productions,Cartoon Network Spin off of Regular Show, The Simpsons and Family Guy
The Cartoonish Chronicles of Conroy Cat Alex Dudley
Diego Leiva
2015 TBA D Toons Based on the Comic "Cartoon Chronicles of Conroy Cat" and the Web Series "Conroy Cat"

Feature FilmsEdit

# Title Realese Date Budget Gross Type of Film
1 Family Guy: Bigger, Longer and Harder February 1, 2015 TBA TBA Traditional Animation

TV ChannelEdit

DiegoAmateur TV


  • DiegoAmateur's Website is in the Free Version

External LinksEdit

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