Conzhea Network Studios is a subsidiary of Viacom International' division Viacom Media Networks. Nate Stainton and Keegan Salisbury are the co-CEOs of this company.

Alongside the independent subsidiaries that have been renamed, moved and merged under Conzhea Network Studios, CZNS also has other main studios called Conzhea Network XD Studios, Conzhea Kids Studios, and Conzhea Network

l All-Nighter Studios.

The headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, and the studios employ over 1000 people, in the Chicago HQ alone. 

Main studios Edit

Conzhea Network Studios Edit

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Conzhea Network XD Studios Edit

Conzhea Network XD Studios is one of the main studios, where they produce content targeted for audience of young adults, teenagers and kids over 10, and content for Conzhea Network XD channels. 

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Conzhea Network All-Nighter Studios Edit

Conzhea Network All-Nighter Studios is Conzhea Network's equivalent to CollegeHumor, Williams Street/Adult Swim, Take180 (now-closed subsidiary of Disney), Buzzfeed, Nick@Nite, and Funny or Die. They make short comedy sketches, articles, top 10 lists and other things. They also make videos that, for example, include redubbed dialogue, and parodies, but they, however, avoid using many religious references, strongly sexual content, and other specific subjects and content.

It shares the same name (and logo) as the block Conzhea Network All-Nighter, but the two were not related until The Greeny Channel All-Nighter Studios' work began being shown on the block.

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Conzhea Kids Edit

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Conzhea Network channels Edit

North American channels Edit

  • Conzhea Network
  • Conzhea Movies
  • Conzhea Network Retro
  • Conzhea Network XD
  • Conzhea Anime/Drama Network
  • Conzhea Network Retro
  • Conzhea Network 2

Japan channels Edit

  • Conzhea Anime Network Japan (co-owned with Celestial Tiger Entertainment and formerly co-owned with Buena Vista Film Co Ltd, and Cookie Jar Entertainment Tokyo (DHX Media Tokyo/DHX Cookie Jar))

History Edit

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Slogans Edit

  • Conzhea Network Studios: Conzhea content, made for you. (2015-present)
  • Conzhea Network XD Studios: Bigger, Better, Greenier. (2015-present)
  • Conzhea Network All-Nighter Studios: And then some. (2015-present)
  • Conzhea Kids StudiosJust for me! (2015-present)

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